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When did it happen for you?

In the car…one late night at home…a search on the net…the AM alarm clock…a conversation with your spouse…

Perhaps it was the ‘action-required’ email just as you were about to leave the office…or the ‘scenic’ daily commute…or maybe just a thought that kept popping in your head…

Is THIS really it?

Dropped a small fortune for college, joined the workforce, changed jobs multiple times (sometimes by choice, other times not), did the daily commute and spent upwards of 75% of my waking hours trading time for money…

That was me just a short time ago.

Wait, are we alike?  You had that moment too where ya thought, ‘Is THIS really it?’

It was 2010 when I was riding high in my pharmaceutical sales career and we had a conference call…ya know, ‘wait by the phone.’

I went from six-figures to zero in 30-seconds flat.  Yup, I was given a pink slip right over the phone.

But wait, I was in the top sales rankings.  I won awards.  I had tenure.  I had just finished my MBA (and a pretty penny for that)!  Wasn’t I, ‘valuable?’

Truth be told, I was trading hours for dollars in Corporate America.  And my services were no longer needed…


The job market sucked.  I sent out hundreds of resumes.  Months were passing by. Bills piled up…and on top of that, I had a wedding to pay for!

I began to think really hard… What about the mortgage?  What about kids in the future?  What about family members that are depending on me?  What about the ‘good life’ that was supposed to be out there?  I thought I had done everything right!

You’ve had these thoughts too?


I was sitting in a mall parking lot, not far from where I live in Philadelphia.  There was a sticker on the back of a car:

‘If You Want To Work The Rest Of Your Life, That’s Your Business.  If Not, Call Me…’

dreambigI picked up the phone and called.  I watched a home business presentation right in the dude’s car… That was it, I’m in!

The concept of residual income (also referred to as ‘passive’ or ‘leveraged’ income) immediately caught my attention.

I didn’t sleep that night…and many nights in the future.  My mind was racing with the idea of business ownership and building a huge residual income.  If anything, this would be my PLAN B.  And everyone needs a ‘Plan B,’ no matter where you are in life.  What’s here today, may be gone tomorrow.

In reality, my thoughts were simply this…

            FREEDOM.  Freedom to live the life you want.

I got to work.  It wasn’t easy.  It was simply a better way….

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If you don’t take ACTION in life and do something DIFFERENT, nothing changes!

Today, Jeff is a home business and marketing coach, teaching and training others to achieve their full potential and the power of residual income.

It didn’t happen overnight.  Know it is a process of learning and doing.  The skill sets and leadership Jeff acquired throughout his experience in the corporate world, the Army and working his butt off, helped propel him to where he is today.

A firm believer in personal development, goal setting and taking massive and immediate action to turn dreams into reality, Jeff is actively team-building and training across the United States and in several global markets.

Jeff enjoys traveling, health & fitness, outdoor activities, current events & politics and all things related to marketing! 

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