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How Mindset is Impacting Your Results and How to Fix It

Wondering why results aren’t coming in? There are a variety of factors, but MINDSET is something that YOU can impact immediately in your life and business! First let’s look at the definition…

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What is Network Marketing and Why it Rocks
What is Network Marketing

Curious what is network marketing and how it’s created real wealth for real people?  Here’s my brief story and how network marketing can help you too! I had never heard of this…

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Network Marketing Tips: How to Talk to Your Warm Market
Network Marketing Tips

People buy from people they know, like and trust!  So of all the network marketing tips I could give you, talking to your warm market is basic training 101. So you are…

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Home Business Tips: Working on Your Mindset
Working on Your Mindset

Building a home business and not having the results you are looking for? From my experience, the issue may be your MINDSET; let’s look at that right now… Mindset is powerful.  You…

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Business Success: Why Commitment is So Important
Business Success

Business success is largely defined by two things: Commitment and profit producing activities. Here’s why commitment is so critical and it must be in check! I recently had Army Reserve duty and…

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Positioning & Branding Your Facebook Pages
Facebook Pages

Looking to position your Facebook pages to brand you as a professional in your field or business?  This post will cover some critical basics to get it done! With over 1 billion…

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