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Implement The Compound Effect to Jumpstart Your Life Today

I recently read SUCCESS magazine publisher Darren Hardy’s bestseller, The Compound Effect, and it both confirmed some habits I already have and exposed me to some new concepts around daily activity. Success…

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Home Business Tips: WHY to Build a Plan B [Day 3 of 30 Day Video Challenge]

Video of our visit to Chichén-Itzá in the Yucatan of Mexico where I briefly discuss WHY to build a PLAN B with a home based business. Please comment below with your WHY…

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Why Your Vision Statement is Critical to Success

What’s all the buzz about a vision statement and why you need one?  Today we’ll take a look at how VISION is critical to your entrepreneurial success! So my wife and I…

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Home Business Strategy: Better Posture When Prospecting

Looking for a business strategy to help grow your home business?  Better posture in prospecting will position YOU as the leader others are looking for! Think of all the qualities in someone that…

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Network Marketing Success: Not a Winning Lottery Ticket

Looking for success in your home business or network marketing?  Not gonna happen overnight!  Real network marketing success is consistent daily activity… So in this video I have a little fun! 🙂…

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Attraction Marketing and How It Can Help You

Does attraction marketing work? What it is and what it is not in today’s blog post… Attraction marketing absolutely works and here’s how it can help you! The definition of “attraction marketing”…

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