Focus on this ONE THING to Build Your Home Based Business

Where to start or struggling to build your home based business?  Been there, done that!  Focus on this ONE THING and you can master building your business!

So perhaps you are searching for a home based business or you are in the industry already….and the question is where to start OR how can I achieve better results?

Home Based Business

Before we go there, I want to talk about a coaching call I did yesterday. Now this was a free 15 min. initial coaching call that I do for folks who visit the blog.  Hey, I appreciate you being here!

This gentleman had been in the industry and found himself easily distracted and needing some focus, also admitted he may have a bit of the “shiny-object syndrome,” ya know…clicking on too many links and looking for that perfect solution for your home based business.  Been there also! 😉

I had a few suggestions for this gentleman one of which was remove the inbox clutter!  Just received an email this morning he took action on things already (big shout out to Paul from Canada) — really cool.

One of our best and worst friends is email.  This isn’t the point of this point so I’ll make it quick, but remove the clutter and limit the amount of email coming in and how frequent you check it.  All those “shiny-object” emails that offer quick and done for you solutions, delete them and unsubscribe.  Now.

And focus on this ONE THING to help in your home based business

1).  What tool are you going to use…  And then invite people to take a look at it.

That’s it.  Find out what tool (DVD, webinar, recorded webinar, website, etc.) your company has for your business presentation and USE THAT.

Home Based Business Tips: What Tool Are You Using?

When you’re brand new you do not need to know everything about the comp plan or the history of the company since its inception or what push-button, super marketing program is going to make it all happen.  Simply identify what tool best presents your business overview and get that in front of people.

Let me repeat this:  Simply identify what tool best presents your business overview and get that in front of people.  That is the ONE THING you need to do.

The how to do it is in other blog posts such as here and here.  I have a few postings on this topic that will help you.

In today’s video I go more in depth on focusing your efforts on just this one thing to really make it happen in your home based business, so check it out…



By the way, in the video I also give you my “default” reply to any question I am ever asked (use it even if you know the answer).

Did this help you, did ya get value? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you commented below with your thoughts and shared on Facebook!

To your success!

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Jeff McGeary is a home business entrepreneur and marketing coach. With a background in Corporate America and pharmaceutical sales, Jeff branched out and began his home-based business journey in 2010, quickly becoming a top earner and leader in his company. He is passionate about teaching and training others and is a Major in the Army Reserve.

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