Home Business Tips: Adversity is a GOOD Thing! [Day 4 of 30 Day Video Challenge]

So it’s about 4am local time here in Cancun and we’re woken to what could only be the sounds of a monsoon!  Crazy heavy rain, wind, lightning, thunder…all of it!  Really wild!

Home Business TipsWe managed to get a few more hours of sleep before we ventured downstairs.  It was still pouring and there was major flooding around the hotel and all along the main downtown strip.  Probably rained about 15 hours straight until it began to clear a little later in the afternoon when I shot this video…

Can you relate to this in building your home business?  As I mentioned in the video, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul were turned down by 144 publishers….One hundred and forty four!  But they kept GOING!  Publisher 145 gave them an offer and the rest is history.

Yes, Adversity is a GOOD thing!  It is the CHAMPIONS that push through and make it happen!

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