How Mindset is Impacting Your Results and How to Fix It

Wondering why results aren’t coming in? There are a variety of factors, but MINDSET is something that YOU can impact immediately in your life and business!

First let’s look at the definition of mindset from

An attitude, disposition or mood; an intention or inclination.  The ideas and attitudes with which a person approaches a situation.

So let’s think about that…  Attitude, disposition, mood, intention….in which you approach a situation.  Might that be impacting your results?  Absolutely.

And you can have an almost immediate positive impact on your mindset when you simply shift what you “feed” your brain.

Be mindful of what you expose yourself to.  Be aware of the information you are consuming.  Limit your exposure to certain influences and increase it in other areas.


Step 1-  Turn off your TV.  Seriously. That thing is no good!  Don’t become a recluse and have no idea of what is going on in the world.  But simply be aware your television is influencing what you think.  And usually it’s negative.

Step 2- Turn off talk radio and sports talk in your car. Especially political talk radio and news.

This was especially hard for me because I am a political and current events guy.  Most people don’t know but I was very involved and not too long ago.  I worked on several political campaign staffs and was a candidate once myself.  Who knows, I might be back one day 😉  But politics was ever-consuming and taking too much of my time with the result only being frustration on issues and with politicians over which I could have very little impact.  In place of news and talk radio, I listen to audio books. Positive, uplifting, mindset-focused and business-oriented.

Step 3- Limit mindless internet surfing.  Another real tough one for me!  I literally set a timer next to my computer lol.

Step 4- Read at least 30 mins. per day first thing in the morning.  This is HUGE!!  Positive, uplifting, forward-thinking, etc.  Feed your brain and your mindset with value…you’d be amazed at results that can follow with this simple fix!

Now imagine if you severely limited your TV intake, turned off your car radio, limited your internet surfing and read 30 minutes every day.  Do ya think this just might impact the results you are having?  Yup!  Try it for 30 days 🙂

In today’s video I go more in depth on mindset, so check it out and I look forward to your feedback!



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