MLM Success: The One Question To Effectively Approach Your Warm Market Every Time

MLM Success

Do I really have to call my warm market to achieve MLM success? I’ll just tell ya, warm market IS the fastest way to a check! And today I’ll share the ONE QUESTION to effectively approach your warm market every time to achieve MLM success in whichever niche you’re currently in.

Before we get to that question, let me share a bit of a prospecting plan or procedure, if you will, which you can follow when approaching your warm market. I’ll then highlight the one question to effectively approach that market which frankly works every time.

MLM Success: Prospecting Procedure

  1. Come up with a list of your warm market — EVERYONE goes on the list, seriously!  From there, pick your top 10 names, that’s your “A list.”  These are the folks that you would “hire” immediately.
  2. Give them a call; “small talk” for a few minutes and then let them know you are calling for a very specific reason.  You thought of them because of _____ (business smarts, success in their career, background in the military, etc..) and you’ve always respected their accomplishments.  (This should be a genuine statement, do not just make something up; they’re your friend, be real with them.  And people love to feel important so make sure you convey their importance to you).
  3. Then move to the ONE QUESTION: “Hey, so I was thinking of ya and just curious, would you at all be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you’re currently doing?”  Asked very casually and “oh by the way…”
  4. If they are not open, I don’t circle back; I close that part of the discussion with, “No big deal, probably not a fit for ya but hey, I have to hop on a conference call (or phone call or webinar or appointment, etc) so great catching up and chat soon.”  Move on (don’t be hostile); they are not rejecting you, they are simply not open.  And that is all you are seeking to identify, are they open?
  5. If they answer yes or maybe or what is it, I always follow up with: WHY?  “Just curious, but WHY are ya open?”  And be quiet!  Let them answer…as this will typically uncover a challenge, need, income gap, etc.  You want to know this.
  6. If their WHY is to make more money, then you need to dig deeper and investigate what their real intention is, eg., spend more time with their family, buy a house, pay the mortgage, etc. The main reason why you want to dig deeper is to help them see the potential of your home business being the solution to their problem.
  7. Once you have identified a WHY, have a break in communication by letting them know you’ve got a conference call or webinar or meeting (you are a busy and productive professional) but get their email and send a link to your business presentation video; “everything will be outlined in the video for you, from A to Z, so you can see exactly what we’re doing.” Make sure to ask them how soon they can watch he video and agree on a time when you can call back to follow up.
  8. If you want a little more training on scripts, although don’t use them as an exact “script,” you need to have your personality and style shine through, I suggest Todd Falcone’s free trial of his, “Little Black Book of Scripts.”

MLM Success: The “WHY” And Why It’s The One Question To Effectively Approach Your Warm Market Every Time

It’s that simple:  Are they “OPEN” and “WHY” are the questions to effectively approach your warm market, every time, on your journey to MLM success in whichever niche you’re in and this is because:

If the reason of the WHY is big enough, they will overcome any HOW

In other words, if your prospects WHY is big enough, then their reason to join your business won’t be your idea, it will be their idea — to solve their problem. Here’s a short video on how to approach your warm market, even cold market, to help you achieve the MLM success you are seeking…

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To your success!

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