Network Marketing Success: Why Your Belief Matters

Looking for the secret tip to network marketing success?  A lot of people may tell you a lot of things but truth be told a great deal comes down to belief.

I believe two kinds of people achieve network marketing success:  A) Those who charge for the longest and stay in the game  B) Those who have their belief and mindset in the right place and take consistent action.


Person A is the one who entered the industry and was just on fire, they are the cheerleader, at all the events, make it happen and just never quit.  They are a lifer.  They learn as they earn; for them, it’s their contagious excitement and passion that draws people to them. Person B, typically starts as person A but also transitions to a belief and growth mindset.  This is a powerful combination!

Let’s take a look at the definition of Belief from Wikipedia

The psychological state in which an individual holds a conjecture or premise to be true.  Dispositional and occurrent belief  concerns the contextual activation of the belief into thoughts (reactive of propositions) or ideas (based on the belief’s premise)

You see, you could be taking all the action in the world in your opportunity and having success, yet you can enhance your network marketing success even more when ya focus on belief and mindset.

Network Marketing Success: Three Tips To Increase Your Belief

1)  Read daily.  Just 30 minutes a day.  Positive, uplifting and motivational material.  Warning: This will have a big impact over time!

2)  Attend company events.  Gotta attend events.  This absolutely builds belief as you interact with others who are running on the same track as you are!

3)  Action.  You must take action with your company.  That means consistent eyeballs on your business presentation.

Belief matters; it’s the key to network marketing success.  More thoughts on belief in the video that I think will help you!



What is driving your belief?  Would luv to hear, please leave a comment below!


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Jeff McGeary is a home business entrepreneur and marketing coach. With a background in Corporate America and pharmaceutical sales, Jeff branched out and began his home-based business journey in 2010, quickly becoming a top earner and leader in his company. He is passionate about teaching and training others and is a Major in the Army Reserve.

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