Network Marketing Tips: How to Talk to Your Warm Market

People buy from people they know, like and trust!  So of all the network marketing tips I could give you, talking to your warm market is basic training 101.

So you are all fired up about your home business and ready to set the world on fire, right?  So what’s up with not talking to Uncle Joe?? 😉  Eg., friends and family.

Perhaps you feel a bit timid because you don’t know everything.  You might even be afraid of what Uncle Joe may think of you!  Heck, he could even say no!  Yup, it happens…

Network Marketing Tips

So let’s shift gears a bit, let’s say you just opened a new storefront business.  A coffee shop, a restaurant, a men’s clothing store.  Maybe even a Subway or a Panera Bread. How would you market that?  How would the Grand Opening go?  Would you call your friends and family?  Absolutely!  So treat your home business the same way.

Easier said than done, I hear ya. A while back I read a book with some awesome network marketing tips called Black Belt Recruiting, and the author stated you are ready to speak to warm market when, “…you don’t care if they join or not.”  Powerful!

In other words, you are not addicted to the outcome.  You are simply a professional inviter and you let the company tools do the presentation…and collect a decision.

Network Marketing Tips: Make The Calls!

In today’s video I review two ways to expose your warm market to your network marketing business without being addicted to the outcome, this will help you!



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