What is Network Marketing and Why it Rocks

Curious what is network marketing and how it’s created real wealth for real people?  Here’s my brief story and how network marketing can help you too!

What is Network MarketingI had never heard of this industry prior to only a few short years ago.  It was 2010 and I was just downsized right out of my corporate America job; a six-figure salary down to 0 in 30 seconds flat!  Wow.  It was completely unexpected!

I was in pharmaceutical sales and everything seemed to be rock solid; good sales, good numbers, just got a promotion, just finished my MBA, just started with the company’s management development program…but then….we were all told to wait by the phone.  Ever experience that? It sucks.

About 10,000 reps cut by more than half.  Ouch!  I was stunned.  I thought I would be with this company for a “career.”

Realization: I was simply trading hours for dollars…and when they no longer had hours for me, well, the dollars stopped.  See how that works!  But I had never thought about it that way.

I was engaged at the time (now married) and it really hit me:  Very soon there will be major obligations, financially and otherwise.  Marriage, mortgages, kids, etc…  Any number of things.

So I was in a mall parking lot one day and saw a sticker: “If you want to work the rest of your life that’s your business, if not, call me…”  I picked up the phone and called.

But before I get to that, realize you will never truly be secure or wealthy working for someone else.  Now don’t get me wrong, I

What is Network Marketing

still work in Corporate America, don’t quit your day job!  Just be smart and build that “Plan B” so you are not caught off guard like I was.

When I discovered what is network marketing, I realized this was a REAL business; treat it as such and you will make real money.

What is Network Marketing and Why it Rocks

Here are some other benefits to consider…

  • You can pick the people you work with.
  • You can work from home, part-time.
  • You can pick the hours you work and how much you work.
  • You can give yourself an IMMEDIATE raise through tax savings (this is HUGE).
  • You develop yourself personally and this impacts many aspects of your life.
  • You have the chance to literally set yourself financially free.

Check the video to hear the full story of what is network marketing, how it’s helped me and MORE IMPORTANTLY how it can HELP YOU!



By the way, as you hear in the video, I was OPEN.  I was open to learning what is network marketing because of my situation at the time.  My lesson learned and message to you is please BE OPEN.  What is today may not be tomorrow.

Feel free to share your story or any feedback below.  Luv hearing from you all!

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To your success!

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Jeff McGeary is a home business entrepreneur and marketing coach. With a background in Corporate America and pharmaceutical sales, Jeff branched out and began his home-based business journey in 2010, quickly becoming a top earner and leader in his company. He is passionate about teaching and training others and is a Major in the Army Reserve.

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