Why We Build Residual Income: Euro Trip

Residual income allows you to get paid over and over for something you do one time.  It’s the key to living life on your terms and here’s why…

My wife and I just got back from a holiday trip to Europe.  We luv making the jump over the pond and spending time exploring new places and creating more memories.  I have been going over for years and was stationed in Germany with the Army which is where I met my wife.

Residual Income

So where does residual income come into this?  It leverages our time and our money. We both work a 9-5 job, we both lead busy lives, as I imagine you do.  Rewind a few short years ago when we discovered network marketing.  I was laid off from a six-figure corporate job and we were planning a wedding.  I had one source of income that was just taken away; I had no residual income.  It was scary.

I found a company and jumped into the industry and got to work.  It was a new concept for us, we surely had a learning curve and there were ups and downs, but we kept moving forward.

A lotta people told us no, it would never work.  It was a pyramid thing.  I don’t have time for that.  I don’t do those, etc…  Yet others were open and took a look.  Some became involved too; some didn’t.  No problem.  We just kept moving forward.

Why We Build Residual Income: Freedom baby!

Residual income developed a couple months in for us; sure it was small, less than a hundred bucks.  But it was money we didn’t have, so it was all positive cash flow!  We credit a big part of our launch to mindset, we simply didn’t accept negativity and insulated ourselves from it.  We had a “can do” attitude and were coachable with leaders in our company.  We hung with those who had what we wanted:  FREEDOM.

Freedom to live the life you want.  Freedom to travel.  Freedom to dream again.   Freedom to simply design your life as you see fit.  And a residual income — even small — can begin to provide that freedom.

Residual Income

Here’s a quick video from our trip to Europe.  We had a blast, paid for by a residual income fund that allowed us the ability to do so.  Hey, it’s not hard, but it isn’t easy either.  Cool thing is we enjoy coaching a working with folks who share our vision of freedom and to live the life they want.

We’re not there yet, but half the fun is the journey and the people we meet along the way!  🙂 

If you are serious about building some residual income in your life, check out what we do right here and feel free to reach out at jeff@talljeff.com.


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Jeff McGeary is a home business entrepreneur and marketing coach. With a background in Corporate America and pharmaceutical sales, Jeff branched out and began his home-based business journey in 2010, quickly becoming a top earner and leader in his company. He is passionate about teaching and training others and is a Major in the Army Reserve.

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